Greene Tract

“How long shall we stand? As long as there is a need to correct an injustice.” This week, the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and Orange County will consider adopting a resolution approving a draft recombination plat (map) and conceptual plan for 164-acres jointly owned by the three parties, known as the Greene Tract. …

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Transportation plans that are consistent with our values

The Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization is the body that coordinates regional transportation planning. Most of its members are appointed by local governments in Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties, but there are also representatives from NCDOT. The MPO is currently working on its new long-range transportation plan, the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Unfortunately, the three …

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Get busy biking downtown

This piece was originally published on the Triangle Substack newsletter. Driving a car on Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill can be a pain. But have you tried riding a bicycle? I do so frequently, and it’s a mediocre experience. There are no bike lanes, so bicyclists have to ride in the road. (Right there, …

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