Not everyone has time to sift through civic documents or attend council meetings, or the desire to do so. We love this stuff, and we read through meeting packets and try to attend and track as many meetings as we can. But we all have day jobs, most of us have young children, and we know there is so much more that can be done to raise awareness around local civic issues.

You can support our work in a few ways.


With your donation, we plan to grow our writing staff (and pay them!), improve our web hosting stack, and hold events (offline) that help us all understand our community better. We believe that everyone in Chapel Hill and Carrboro deserves a voice — not just those who have lived here a long time or those who own a house.

Donate via CashApp: $ShamefulNuisance

Write for us

We’re always looking for 600-1000 word pieces or data viz about civic life in our towns. People have written about greenways, housing, schools, transportation, and our history. Write to [email protected]

Tell your neighbors and friends about us (and let us know about misinformation you see)

There’s a lot of misinformation on neighborhood listservs that circulates. We can only counter it if we can see it. Forward emails to [email protected] and we’ll write something that has primary sources and facts. We also appreciate when you share our work on social media and in conversations with your neighbors.