Great news, friends! Carrboro has launched the public engagement campaign for the next phases of the Bolin Creek Greenway. (In other words, they want input on where stages 3 and 4 of the greenway will be built. You can see what’s been built already here.)

This is so exciting! We are thrilled that they are moving forward to protect Bolin Creek and provide a safe, accessible path for people to get around town.

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Update: We support the creekside alignment for the reasons detailed here.

They’re asking Carrboro residents to do two things:

  1. Take the town survey
  2. Add points of interest and concern to a wikimap – This is where you can say where you’d go on the greenway and what access points you’d like.

The three alignments help people consider trade-offs and consider different approaches for the greenway. We strongly believe that the creekside alignment is the best choice for Carrboro, because it will:

The creekside alignment was vetted by trail experts who have designed hundreds of trails nationally. It is the best choice for repairing the stream, connecting Carrboro, and making Bolin Creek accessible to all. 

The Upland Forest alternative would require cutting more trees down and would place the path in conflict with other trail users, like mountain bikers and trail runners. It also would not connect most of Carrboro for anyone who lives near Greensboro St. or Hillsborough Street, and would require increased engineering costs and potential ADA accessibility constraints. It also requires permission from a freight railway company that has not approved similar projects to build in their land in the past.  The Bolin Connector alternate is mostly an on-street bike boulevard that connected to existing forest service roads. Both would require walkers or bikers to be alongside traffic. There are also additional engineering constraints.

We have summarized the differences in this chart:

You can take the town survey here. The Carrboro Linear Parks Project has an extensive FAQ with questions about the process, environmental concerns, connections, and accessibility. You can also read more on the Town of Carrboro website.

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