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Chapel Hill Greenway Walk with Bill Webster

This weekend, NEXT hosted a walk along the Chapel Hill portion of the Bolin Creek Greenway near Umstead Park. Our guest for the walk was Bill Webster, who retired in 2020 after spending 39 years working as a parks and greenways planner for the Town of Chapel Hill. Bill was responsible for designing, construction, and […]

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No, the Bolin Creek Greenway will not cost as much as building the Big Dig in Boston

Fighting against the wrong information that’s being circulated around Chapel Hill and Carrboro is almost a full-time job. We have fact-checked many claims related to the Bolin Creek Greenway, and are appreciative of the Carrboro Linear Parks Project for creating a FAQ with primary source documents that detail exactly what’s happened so far. Today we’re […]

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Keep Bolin Wild is full of misinformation about the Bolin Creek Greenway

So much misinformation is circulating around the potential greenway expansion into Carrboro. Over the weekend, we saw misstatements about funding, parking, the surface of the greenway, runoff, alternative paths, and trees. The Carrboro Linear Parks Project FAQ is collecting primary source documents and artifacts related to the greenway, so that you can see what the […]