Back in December, the Chapel Hill Town Council adopted the “Complete Communities” strategy developed by the consultant Jennifer Keesmaat. One of its key pillars was development of an “Everywhere to Everywhere” greenway network that, as Mayor Hemminger said, is designed to “focus housing growth along an ‘everywhere-to-everywhere’ greenway network with attention to making sure that amenities – like parks and shopping – are accessible to neighborhoods on foot, rolling, or by bike.”

Well, the plan just got a big step forward thanks to the federal government. Senator Thom Tillis announced today that the Town has won a federal RAISE grant to fund a feasibility study to begin development of the network. The $1 million grant includes funding to evaluate alignment alternatives, conduct public engagement, and prepare initial 15 percent conceptual designs for about 25 miles of greenway facilities.

This is a huge deal and will accelerate the Town’s plans to develop a complete greenway network that connects our neighborhoods with other neighborhoods, jobs, services, and other amenities. The lion’s share of the credit is owed to our great Town staff, who managed to assemble a winning grant application while dealing with everything else on their plate. Also thanks to Jennifer Keesmaat, whose efforts in leading the Complete Communities planning process helped lay the groundwork for this big win.

And while Senator Tillis did not mention the TriangleBlogBlog’s Everywhere to Everywhere Greenways fashion line, we have reason to believe it may have been a factor in the DOT’s decision.


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