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Bolin Creek Greenway Alternative Bike Map: “Not something I’d ever let my kids ride on”

For the past few weeks, an anti-greenway group in Carrboro and Chapel Hill has been sharing a map purportedly showing ‘alternative bike routes’ that could take the place of paving the Bolin Creek Greenway in Carrboro. The map looks like they threw imaginary bike lane spaghetti at a map of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Many […]

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We talked to a wildlife ecologist about the proposed Bolin Creek Greenway

Whenever the issue of paving Bolin Creek comes up, the Friends of Bolin Creek (FOBC) flood the zone with unfounded environmental concerns about paving alongside Bolin Creek. Of course, there are always trade-offs with projects, but paving a 10-foot-wide path along an existing 30-foot-wide sewage easement seems like a no brainer: It uses an existing […]