The Town of Carrboro has completed its survey of the future Bolin Creek Greenway alignments. The Town Council should be receiving the results of the survey soon, but one thing the survey couldn’t measure was how future users of the creekside alignment would rate the experience.

My daughter Arlie (age 7) and I were wondering how the Carrborians of the future would respond to the town’s survey. What would they use the greenway for? How often would they use it? And most importantly, what did they love about an accessible trail along a forested creek? So we went to the present-day Bolin Creek Greenway in Chapel Hill and asked the people we found there all these questions in an effort to understand the potential benefits of building the Bolin Creek Greenway in Carrboro. Here is Arlie’s video report:

Ryan Byars writes about transportation infrastructure, greenways, and how to get around with your kids safely on a bike. He lives in Carrboro with his wife and three young children.