It’s as gross as you think!

Chapel Hill, Carrboro, OWASA Announce “Everywhere to Everywhere” Brownways Plan

A planning document obtained by TBB reveals that Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and the Orange Water and Sewer Authority are making plans for an “Everywhere to Everywhere Brownways” network that will create a far-reaching network of bike routes throughout the sewer system in southern Orange County.

We asked DALL E to envision what the entrance to the network might look like.

“Cyclists are used to being treated like shit,” said local resident B.M. Poo II. “We’ll make the best of it. I just wish they installed some showers at the exits.”

Building on the Everywhere to Everywhere greenway network, the brownways network function in exactly the same way, except much smellier and constructed underground through concrete storm pipes the size of a small tricycle. Cyclists are advised to lean down, wear ponchos, and get an up-to-date tetanus shot before riding to work, school, or local businesses.

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