Worms do the Work logoTom Smith is at it again with his 3rd Vermiculture Workshop coming up this Saturday. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s comprehensive. Make the world’s best soil amendment and help save the world from the ravages of climate change. Read details from a previous article here.

If you ever tried to make compost in less than a year you know that it takes a lot of turning. Vermicomposting worms do the work, it’s quicker and it produces a much better product. And we have more than worms!

We’re excited to announce our new way to keep kitchen scraps out of the landfill: bokashi. It preserves kitchen scraps in attractive 5-gallon buckets that can be stored inside or out. It uses fermentation: similar to sauerkraut, pickles and yoghurt. It’s cheap, easy and has only a slight vinegar odor.

Let Worms Do the Work

Like vermicompost, finished bokashi remains stable for months and can be used in your garden, shared with a neighbor, or donated to your favorite community garden or farmer (Fork to Farm).

A large plastic container of Bokashi

Our next workshop will be on April 28, 2:00-5:00. Part 1 will include the basics of vermicomposting and an introduction to bokashi. There will be a break with yummy snacks; Part 2 will be practical training on how to vermicompost. If you’re just interested in learning and not doing, you need not stay for the second workshop. For those who choose to start bokashi, training and bucket purchase will be on a later date.

The workshop is free. Worms and bins will be available for purchase. (Both will be available on a sliding scale to Carrboro residents). For registration, please send your full name, phone number and address to [email protected]. Since it’s free we’ve had a number of no-shows in the past; so, if you can’t come, that’s ok, just let me know. Our Instagram: @workingwormsnc.

Volunteering is another way you can help us fight climate change. Some options:

  • Maintain our mailing list and social media
  • Help plan and organize
  • Design brochures, fliers and displays
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Post fliers
  • Help setup and run our information booth
  • Help set up our workshops
  • Assemble worm bins and bokashi buckets
  • Networking
  • And, write publicity articles and grant proposals
  • Volunteering can be an ongoing commitment or as needed. If you are a student, or a parent of a student, please be aware that working with us could be great for class credit. There are lots of possibilities.

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