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Orange-Chatham Sierra Club comments on the Housing Choices proposal

We are publishing statements made during the May 24, 2023 public hearing on the Town’s housing choices proposal. My name is Kathy Kaufman and I am representing the Orange-Chatham Group of the Sierra Club in place of our chair, Melissa McCullough, who is at the Green Tie Awards Dinner in Raleigh. I want to remind […]

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Balcony Gardeners of Chapel Hill and Carrboro: Let’s talk native plants!

Lawns are a holdover from 18th-century England and France that have no business dominating our American landscapes. Making lawns survive in the hot and humid South is expensive, time-intensive, and input-intensive. Worst of all, HOAs can institutionalize this expense in ways that exclude low-income tenants and perpetuate housing segregation. Most gardening columns focus exclusively on […]

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Great news! The Orange-Chatham chapter of the North Carolina Sierra Club looks likely to support the Bolin Creek Greenway and missing middle housing. Hooray!

This is great news, as it aligns with national guidance provided by the Sierra Club! The BlogBlog caught wind of a brouhaha at the latest meeting of the Orange-Chatham chapter of the North Carolina Sierra Club. We did some digging and were able to obtain leaked drafts of letters of support from the chapter’s executive […]