With budget season coming to a close, it’s another busy week in local government. Here is a look at some of the local government meetings scheduled for this week, June 6-June 10.

Chapel Hill Town Council

The Chapel Hill Town Council meets on Wednesday, June 8 at 7:00 pm — view the agenda hereaccess the Zoom here if you want to comment, and it’s also streamed on the Town’s YouTube channel. As is common for a June meeting, it’s a packed agenda, with 24 items. Along with miscellaneous adjustments to the Town’s current budget, allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant funds, other items that likely will be summarily approved on the consent agenda, and appointments to five advisory boards, highlights include the following:

  • Discussion and potential approval of the Town’s budget. The proposed budget has been revised to address some of the Council members’ concerns expressed in prior meetings, and includes additional funding for the Interfaith Council and Partnership to End Homelessness, an 0.3 penny increaser in the tax rate to provide Chapel Hill Transit with an additional $1.19 million, some additional funding for cultural arts, and reductions in funding for vehicle replacement and studies relating to employee pay.
  • Approval of $3.15 million in proposed ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding to move forward on replacement of the Cedar Falls artificial turf feield, design of the East Morgan Creek Trail, replacement of the Homestead Aquatic Center HVAC system, and replacement of the library A/V system.
  • Discussion and potential approval of a change to the advisory board membership policy to allow ongoing use of remote participation even after the end of the COVID state of emergency. All advisory boards approved of the changes, which would allow the board members to continue participating remotely for most matters.

Carrboro Town Council

The Carrboro Town Council has a meeting scheduled this Tuesday, June 7 at 7 pm in person at Carrboro Town Hall, although you can also stream the meeting on YouTube. The agenda includes the following:

Orange County

Orange County is holding two meetings this week.The first is a business meeting that takes place on Tuesday, June 7 Whitted Meeting Room at 300 West Tyron Street in Hillsborough; it can be streamed as well. There are two key items on the agenda:

  • Further discussion of the Longtime Homeowner Assistance (LHA) property tax relief program, which the commission discussed on May 24. Staff has come back with additional information about the number of people who would be impacted by changes to the program and the types of outreach that would take place to make sure people know about the program.
  • Consideration of a resolution to ensure the County-Wide Manufactured Homes Action Plan, which is designed to assist members of the community who live in manufactured home communities, many of which are at risk for redevelopment that would displace current residents.

The second is a budget work session that takes place on Thursday, June 9 also at Whitted and streamed online.

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