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Chapel Hill’s getting ready to make it hugely easier to build “missing middle” housing!

Ok, now THIS is a big deal. Chapel Hill is getting ready to make it hugely easier to build “missing middle” housing. What is missing middle housing? It’s all the housing between single-family homes and big multi-family apartments like: Duplexes Triplexes, and Cottage apartments. For years, like many other communities, most land in Chapel Hill […]

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Chapel Hill pushes Missing Medieval Housing

Today, April 1, the Chapel Hill Planning Department is preparing a new proclamation to help address the housing shortage while also acknowledging the town’s rich architectural heritage. Housing Choices for Peasants and Lords, or, colloquially, Missing Medieval Housing, is designed to supply housing for impoverished lower classes as well as royalty who inherited their title […]

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Expanding the water and sewage boundary imagines a future complete community

Tomorrow night, the Chapel Hill Town Council will decide whether to expand the water and sewage boundary along the 15-501 corridor to the Chatham County line. This is a BFD, and we’ll explain why in a second. But first, some terminology. The service area of our water and sewer services is called the urban services […]

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This Election Was a Referendum. And a Mandate.

On Tuesday, voters in Chapel Hill and Carrboro made a choice.  In each town, there were candidates offering distinct visions for the future of our communities.  One vision, whose adherents claimed was “new,” “modern,” or “unique,” was instead just a warmed-over version of the same rhetoric we’ve heard for generations: Let’s protect what we have […]