Chapel Hill, Orange County, North Carolina, December 1915

A collection of historical plans for Chapel Hill and Carrboro

1963 Chapel Hill comprehensive plan

We are looking for this plan.

1965 Chapel Hill Open Space Plan

We are looking for this plan. It is mentioned in the 1965 Town Council meeting minutes.

1972 Long Range Policy Plan

We are looking for this plan, which was written by Art Berger of the UNC Planning Department and mentioned in this 1973 Daily Tar Heel article.

1976 Chapel Hill-Carrboro Transportation Plan

We scanned the complete 1976 Chapel Hill-Carrboro Transportation Plan at UNC’s Wilson Library. You can read it, in full, here.

1977 Bikeway Concept Plan

We are looking for this plan which identified four types of bikeways in Chapel Hill.

1977 Chapel Hill Comprehensive Plan

We are looking for this plan.

1979 Community Facilities Report

1982 Sidewalk Plan

We are looking for these reports, which are referenced in subsequent bicycle and pedestrian plans.

1986 Land Use Plan

A joint planning agreement among Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Orange County.

1987 Joint Planning Agreement

Establishes the Orange County-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Joint Planning Area

1989 Natural Environment Report

1989 Comprehensive Transportation Report (containing 1988 Bikeway Concept Plan)

We are looking for these reports, both of which are referenced in the 2005 Greenways master plan.

1991 New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan

Chapel Hill, Orange County, Durham County, and the City of Durham shared the costs of preparing this Report which made recommendations for preserving the remaining
wild land between Chapel Hill and the City of Durham.

1992 Small Area Plan Southern Area

A plan for preservation and development of the land south of Morgan Creek and north of Chatham County

1993 Regional Bicycle Plan

Master transportation plan for bicycles throughout Durham and Orange Counties.

1994 Pedestrian Plan

We are looking for this plan.

1999 Orange County Bicycle Transportation Plan

2000 Comprehensive Plan

2006 Greenways Comprehensive Master Plan

This includes new bicycle maps adopted in the 2004 Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan

2012: Chapel Hill 2020

This replaced the 2000 Comprehensive Plan

2000 Downtown Chapel Hill Small Area Plan

Table of Contents / Chapter 1: Vision Statement

Chapter 2: Goals and Objectives

Chapter 3: Existing Conditions

Chapter 4: Planning Concepts

Chapter 5: Implementation Strategies

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Downtown Design Guidelines