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More housing on our larger lots

For those of us who advocate for building more housing, it has often felt like a pitched battle competing against a group of well-organized homeowners with time on their hands. Therefore, it’s nice to learn that our philosophy of “housing abundance” is becoming more widely accepted, even among some traditionally anti-development advocates. CHALT organizer Linda […]

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Lunch Links: May 6, 2022

We are starting a daily link roundup. Have a tip for the links? Let us know! Fayette Place Development Sparks Criticism from Hayti Community In January, the Durham Housing Authority (DHA) released its proposal to build 774 affordable housing units on the property. But residents of the local Hayti district—encircling Fayette Place—say that the authority […]

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Who is all this housing for?

  On our local Nextdoor site, there’s been a good deal of complaining about the new apartment complexes going up in Chapel Hill—and there’s no doubt that there has been a lot of apartment development, although it’s coming on the heels of decades of meager investment in our apartment stock. One comment struck me though. […]