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Mayor Pam Hemminger announces she’s not running for reelection

Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger today released a statement that she will not be running for reelection for a fourth term. In her statement, she notes that during her tenure, “we put the framework in place to ensure a future that is inclusive, productive, and that nurtures a strong, diverse community. Many of the decisions […]

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Interview: Chapel Hill Town Council candidate, Theodore Nollert

Theodore Nollert recently announced his run for Town Council in Chapel Hill. Nollert, who has contributed to Triangle Blog Blog, is on the Planning Commision in Chapel Hill and the former President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government at UNC, where he successfully led a campaign to increase the graduate student stipend at UNC. […]

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Chapel Hill’s splash pad is flooded with misinformation

We see a number of people running for council and mayor (Searing, Soll, Eckhardt) mention that Town Council is not listening to Chapel Hill residents who want a splash pad. Why might they say that? Because it seems their coordinated campaigns will emphasize that the current council simply doesn’t listen to residents. But what if […]

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Civic news: What happened during June in Chapel Hill and Carrboro?

Both Chapel Hill and Carrboro Town Councils have a much-deserved summer recess and wrapped up a number of items in June. Here’s our roundup, along with some other civic news. Happy Summer Recess, Civics Nerds! Don’t forget to check your voter registration. What happened in Carrboro? Jason Merrill, Catherine Frey, Eliazar Posada announce council runs […]

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SCOOP: “I’m With Adam Searing”—The No-Team Forms

David Adams, Renuka Soll, Elizabeth Sharp and Breckany Eckhardt are planning to run for council alongside council member Adam Searing, who is running for mayor. Over the weekend, we learned that Adam Searing will be running for Mayor alongside four like-minded candidates for Chapel Hill Town Council. Three of the four are running for office […]