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We now have a comprehensive affordable housing plan and investment strategy! What’s next?

On Wednesday evening, the Chapel Hill Town Council unanimously approved the town’s first ever comprehensive affordable housing plan and investment strategy. The plan – read it here – identifies key housing priorities for the next five years and the resources needed to implement it. The vote did not, however, allocate those resources. The investment strategy […]

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Factcheck: A new CHALT blog post is chock-full of factual errors

Labor Day marks the traditional beginning of the municipal election campaign season—one of our favorite times of the year. And earlier this week the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT) launched a new website. CHALT is an “anti-development community group” that has “opposed nearly every major development proposal” in Chapel Hill since its […]

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What’s in Chapel Hill’s Affordable Housing Plan that the Town Council is Voting on Tonight?  

For the past nine months, town staff have worked with HR&A Advisors – a housing and land use consultant that in my experience does excellent work – and local stakeholders to develop a comprehensive affordable housing plan. While the town has long focused on affordable housing, this represents the first comprehensive affordable housing plan in […]

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Interview: CHCCS School Board Candidate Vickie Feaster Fornville

As we noted in our post about vetting school board candidates, we have sent questionnaires to each school board candidate and are publishing them in the order received. Questions were compiled by board members of both Triangle Blog Blog and Bridging the Gap, and attendees of a four-part community read and discussion series on reparations […]