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Triangle Blog Blog is hosting a parade to celebrate the new sidewalks and bike lane on Estes Drive

There are few things we like more than celebrating bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and other improvements along Estes Drive, along with wider sidewalks along MLK Blvd., crosswalks at the Estes/MLK intersection, and turn lanes at that intersection. So we’re throwing a parade to celebrate the end of the Estes Drive Connectivity Project, which started two […]

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Holding hostage a rare opportunity to support our chronically underfunded schools.

A few days ago I wrote about a report and slide deck released by the school district regarding plans to address two critical issues facing our schools: outdated buildings in need of major repairs, and our declining elementary school population. In the proposed slide deck, the district outlined one way that these issues could be […]

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Let’s name Carrboro’s new library branch after Bob Drakeford

We’ve written a lot about how excited we are about The 203 Project – the future home of Carrboro’s library branch, the Parks and Rec Department, WCOM Radio, the teen center, the performance space, and the Orange County Skills Development Center. Now it’s time to give the building a better name. The Orange County – […]

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Ichthyological skullduggery in Hendersonville

The Assembly, an online news magazine, is best known for its investigative reporting on politics, business and the environment in North Carolina. This week, reporter Emily Cataneo shares an update on the increasingly-unhinged story of Charlotte, the purportedly pregnant stingray at a small aquarium in Hendersonville. We highly recommend reading the story, which is both […]