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Petition for increased connectivity for Trinity Court residents

In a recent post, I described the importance of building small connections around town to reduce our reliance on car travel and mentioned that the Planning Commission would be petitioning the Town Council to add a connection to the redeveloped Trinity Court apartments. Encourage Council to support a new connection to Trinity Court Details of […]

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The real story about coal ash

tl; dr – There is a lot of misinformation circulating about the future of 828 MLK Jr. Blvd. This post details what’s happened so far, what the town has decided, and details why the counterarguments circulating right now about the redevelopment don’t stand up to scrutiny. The history of coal ash at 828 In the […]

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Zoning reform should be a priority in Chapel Hill

Zoning reform matters for housing affordability, racial equity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth. The Chapel Hill Town Council should be moving faster on reform, not discussing ways to slow it down.  Last week, the Chapel Hill Town Council held a work session where they discussed, among other things, the town’s plans to rewrite its land use […]

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Mapping out CHALT-connected websites

Over the past several years, many websites have popped up in Carrboro and Chapel Hill related to local development and transportation projects. Using the network analysis methods described in this CJR piece, I discovered that some of them share IP addresses and various analytics identifiers. As noted in the CJR piece: “It is highly unusual […]