Tomorrow begins the final matchups in March Radness, an epic showdown to discover the coolest thing in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

If you’re just joining us, The Cave had a dramatic comeback last week, setting up an epic contest against Pie Pan, who has gone from relative obscurity to perhaps the favorite to win it all. The NC Botanical Garden will battle Cat’s Cradle in the other matchup.

The March Radness Final 4 games start tomorrow.

Outside the Baxter, an unassuming cat paces back and forth, occasionally leaping onto the hood of a delivery truck next door. Pie Pan is calm, cool, and doesn’t answer when we ask what her secret is. So instead, we talk to Matthew Holtry, one of Pie Pan’s four dads and her primary caretaker. He translates her meows below. pie-pan

You’ve made it to the Final 4 of March Radness. What has enabled you to be so cool?
“I’m a punk rock street cat, that lives in an arcade bar, with a silky smooth coat and velvety beans.  If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is.  I want to show the world, that even a little street cat can take on the establishment and win!”
 How are you preparing for your matchup against The Cave? Will the claws come out? 
“This is going to be a hard one to win.  A LOT of my friends/fans love The Cave.  I love The Cave.  But I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  The heart of a champion never sleeps.  Unfortunately there can only be one champion, so we’ll see…I’m predicting that whoever wins this matchup, is the one who wins it all!  Bar VS UnderCat”.
You’ve gained a lot of new fans in the tournament. What’s something personal they should know about yourself?
-“I’m just a normal cat that lives an extraordinary life.  I have 4 dads who love me very much, love Churus, horror movies and I’m hoping to be the first cat to take home this world class title!  I just want to make the human/cat world a little better place.  First cat as Mayor?  Guess we’ll see…”.


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