Community bike ride honoring Jim Huegerich and other veterans

We’re starting a section titled “Bike Beat”.  Here, we will announce and write about cycling related events and also issues that affect cyclists. It will cover the fun, and the annoying and the downright DANGEROUS.  Our first post will be in the fun category!

On Friday, June 10th, the Town of Chapel Hill and Go Chapel Hill sponsored “Vets on the Move,” an event that recognized the decades of service of Jim Huegerich to the town. The goal of the Vets on the Move program is specifically to connect veterans in the community with the necessary tools to utilize and navigate alternate modes of transportation, such as buses, bikes and walking. It also has a Ride-Along-Buddy program, where volunteers assist vets in using transportation modes. You can learn more about the program here.

Jim Huegerich worked for the town for over 40 years developing the Chapel Hill Police Department’s Crisis Unit.  He also became the first ombudsman for the town. What set Jim apart from a cycling perspective is he rode his bike to work every day. Rain or shine.  Everyone who had the opportunity to meet Jim knew him as a kind, gentle person who had an innate skill in calming people and helping reach consensus in stressful situations.

The ride was well attended. Well over 30 cyclists took to the streets of the Northside neighborhood, led by Jim’s wife and family.

Here are a few more photos of the ride.  Thank you to the town and Go Chapel Hill and Vets on the Move for organizing.

Jims family leading the way as the ride gets underway!

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