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Why connected roads make communities safer and better

The way we have been designing our streets and neighborhoods have actually made our streets more dangerous. Let’s go back a bit: Starting in the 1930s, suburban design in the United States has been heavily influenced by the Radburn Idea, which originates from a planned suburban community with the same name in North Jersey. Radburn […]

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Orange County Board of County Commissioners approve WASMPBA, setting a new path for land use in the county

There are two ways to think about land in Orange County. In one version, we think about how land has been used historically. Our county was and remains largely rural, and much of that land is owned by private property owners, some of whom have been here for generations. If we focus on historic uses […]

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2024 is the Year of LUMO: Five things we learned from Chapel Hill Town Council’s work session

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the new Chapel Hill Town Council held its first meeting of 2024, and one thing is clear—the update to the Land Use Management Ordinance is going to be a hot topic this year. The LUMO is the set of ordinances that establish how land can be used in the town. […]