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Why aren’t we considering the Legion site for the Complete Communities pilot?

Tomorrow, the Chapel Hill Town Council will formally choose a pilot project for the Complete Communities planning exercise they’ve been conducting and, separately, make a decision on the future of the American Legion site. Why aren’t we talking about these two decisions together? About Complete Communities For those who haven’t been paying close attention, Complete […]

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Eat Pray Love Greenway: An update on the Complete Communities process

Greenways. That’s the answer to Chapel Hill’s problems, according to Jennifer Keesmaat, who is heading the Complete Communities project for the Town of Chapel Hill. In a 45-minute (or so) presentation on Thursday, August 18, Keesmaat and her team, with Rod Steven pinch hitting during the Q&A, presented an update on the Complete Communities process […]

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Expanding the water and sewage boundary imagines a future complete community

Tomorrow night, the Chapel Hill Town Council will decide whether to expand the water and sewage boundary along the 15-501 corridor to the Chatham County line. This is a BFD, and we’ll explain why in a second. But first, some terminology. The service area of our water and sewer services is called the urban services […]

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Should Chapel Hill commit to building a Complete Community, as its town council resolved to do in December 2022?

This series considers policy questions that will be addressed by the Chapel Hill and Carrboro Town Councils in the next two years. As we always do at Triangle Blog Blog, we will offer our opinions, but we’ll also point you to primary source documents so you can make your own judgment. See our series overview […]