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Chapel Hill and Carrboro school bus issues speak to wider need for safe streets and greenways

On Wednesday afternoon, the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools held a virtual meeting to discuss school buses.  Those who tuned in quickly realized that our school bus system is in trouble—big trouble. We’ve lost drivers and buses, and have started using contracted vehicles just to get kids to school. There are children riding the bus […]

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Chapel Hill’s Greenways: What’s next and what could be

This week, Jennifer Keesmaat and her team come back to Chapel Hill for another discussion about complete communities. At the previous meeting in August, she discussed her solution to Chapel Hill’s problems—greenways!—and suggested that she was interested in crowdsourcing where Chapel Hill might expand its greenway network. Of course, this is Chapel Hill, which means […]

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Eat Pray Love Greenway: An update on the Complete Communities process

Greenways. That’s the answer to Chapel Hill’s problems, according to Jennifer Keesmaat, who is heading the Complete Communities project for the Town of Chapel Hill. In a 45-minute (or so) presentation on Thursday, August 18, Keesmaat and her team, with Rod Steven pinch hitting during the Q&A, presented an update on the Complete Communities process […]