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We agree with CHALT: Let’s build the NSBRT!

It’s always exciting when opposing groups can come together to advocate for the same much-needed improvements in Chapel Hill. We, as you might recall, are big fans of Bus Rapid Transit and Chapel Hill Transit’s planned North-South Bus Rapid Transit route (NSBRT) along MLK and S. Columbia. The NSBRT buses will travel in dedicated lanes […]

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Make a new plan, Stan? And other takeaways from the 9/28 Chapel Hill Town Council meeting.

Last Wednesday’s Chapel Hill Town Council meeting featured a real humdinger of a presentation from Rod Stevens and Jen Keesmaat. First, some background: Stevens and Keesmaat are both planners; Stevens, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, wrote the 2021 Housing Report that said we need more housing, and Keesmaat, formerly Toronto’s chief planner, is currently leading our […]

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Chapel Hill’s getting ready to make it hugely easier to build “missing middle” housing!

Ok, now THIS is a big deal. Chapel Hill is getting ready to make it hugely easier to build “missing middle” housing. What is missing middle housing? It’s all the housing between single-family homes and big multi-family apartments like: Duplexes Triplexes, and Cottage apartments. For years, like many other communities, most land in Chapel Hill […]