I wrote a post Wednesday about how some pickleballers disregarded elementary school staff directions during a fire alarm while children were evacuated outside the school, and one pickleballer blocked a fire truck responding to the alarm (it was a false alarm and no one was hurt).

Then, about a third of you lost your minds and thought I was making fun of the principal’s email after the incident in which she called on the picklers to chill. On a site where we often poke gentle fun at pickleball. On a site where we continually advocate for bike and pedestrian safety. So, yeah, there was that. Still, to show that we hear our readers, we’ll be updating our value statement soon to clarify that TBB:

• is NOT in favor of picklers driving over children

• is NOT in favor of picklers blocking fire trucks

DOES support principals who try to prevent children from being run over

With that out of the way, we can turn to a Chapel Hill Town Council work session Wednesday night. Council Member Karen Stegman briefly discussed the Ephesus incident and raised the possibility of not allowing pickleball from being played during school hours if the picklers cannot behave themselves:

Given our updated value statement, we support Stegman’s idea! But we imagine the picklers may feel differently. And they are a large and loud group. And while we don’t necessarily want to show solidarity with the picklers, we’re a little strapped for cash and can’t help but see a business opportunity here. We’ll be getting this up on our merch store soon!

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