We are publishing statements made during the May 24, 2023 public hearing on the Town’s housing choices proposal.

My name is Christian Matthaeus, my family and I live in a single-family home in Lake Forest, Chapel Hill.
We have three young children, two of whom are life-long Chapel Hill residents.

Our family has depended on numerous UNC students to help babysit our kids – and these students have been responsible, dependable and role-models for our children. They are truly outstanding members of our

I would like to voice my strong support for the text amendment – and tell you a personal story about

I grew up in Germany, and my first dwelling in lived in – as an infant – was the second floor of a triplex.

My parents rented a small apartment from the proprietor, who lived upstairs. The proprietor was a
single elderly lady, whose husband died in World War II. Over time, she became part of our family – in
fact, we called her “aunt” and she helped raise my brother and me.

My mother, an immigrant from Nepal, whose own mother passed away before I was born, treated Aunt Kathy like her mom. This friendship lasted a lifetime – I would come back to visit and stay with Aunt Kathy years after we moved out – just like you would visit family.

Aunt Kathy didn’t own a car – because our town was dense enough, everything was accessible via foot
or bike. I would walk – alone, as a 5-year-old – to the local bakery and pick up bread every morning for
my family.

I hope that we can build homes like these in Chapel Hill.
Homes that will contribute to our social network and strengthen our bonds as a community.
Homes that will provide more density to our town and help create less car-dependent neighborhoods.