Heck, we just love Keck

A small post of appreciation for Aaron Keck, the Terry Gross of long-form radio interviews in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. He recently received the well-deserved 2022 Radio Personality of the Year award from the NC Association of Broadcasters – second year in a row, naturally – and we just wanted to pull out some of our favorite #KeckFacts.

Aaron basically performs a triple-double on the radio every single day.

Aaron Keck hosts the daily news on WCHL, and then a variety of interview shows ranging from Date Night with Aaron and Brad to Talking Books with Susan and Aaron. He also finds time to count down his top local songs each year, has regular conversations with our mayors, and interviews authors, newsmakers, and musicians. Sometimes he writes really good essays published on WCHL.

We have not found a chamber of Aaron Keck clones, so we continue to believe – as hard as that is – that this is all the work of one man.

Aaron really wants you to arrive at your destination on time – but safely! 

It would not surprise us if another of Aaron’s talents is flying a helicopter. That’s how good his traffic reports are. He gives extremely detailed information on traffic jams – and not just for the big roads, like other traffic reports in the area. If the tiny dead end street you live on is blocked for three minutes by a baby fawn still learning how to walk, Aaron will A) know, and B) he will advise you to avoid the area. Also, Aaron cares! He will request your assistance in reporting traffic jams you come across, but reminds you not to text him until it is safe to do so. Does WRAL do that? Doubt it.

Aaron is also a comedian, has a PhD in political theory, routinely hosts events around town, and poses (photographically) with every single guest who comes on his show.

Let us now detail why Aaron Keck is a true Renaissance Man: he can switch from music to sports, from humor to books, from commentary to hard news – all without breaking a sweat. We appreciate his political theory background, his ability to host panel discussions, his teaching at Durham Tech (he teaches American Government), and his podcast on film history. There is nothing this man cannot do, and do well.

Melody Kramer is a Peabody-award winning journalist whose work has appeared on NPR and member stations around the country, as well as in publications ranging from National Geographic to Esquire Magazine....