We’re coming down from our Carrboro Music Festival bender, and are excited for a full week of civic engagements on the calendar. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Monday 10/3

Chapel Hill Town Council Work Session

6:30 PM, Chapel Hill Public Library

Agenda and meeting notes

This was supposed to be the meeting where the American Legion discussion would pick up again, but on Friday, a note appeared on the agenda that said “** Future Use of the American Legion Property. (No Attachment) ** **** TO ALLOW FOR ADEQUATE TIME FOR DISCUSSION ON THIS IMPORTANT COMMUNITY ISSUE, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DEFERRED TO AN UNDETERMINED, FUTURE DATE.****

We’ll update you if/when we learn more!

Council does have two other items on the docket: they’ll be discussing the possible splash pad and inclusive playground – which excites us – and also will get updates on the ARPA fund community project applications.

Tuesday 10/4

Chapel Hill Planning Board

7:00 PM, Virtual (Register here)

Agenda and meeting notes

Exciting stuff for our friends on the Planning Board. They’re looking at a proposed Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) text amendment to expedite review for affordable housing (!!) and also a LUMO text amendment to allow much-needed missing middle housing to be built in Chapel Hill. This is a BFD and we’re looking forward to the meeting!

Thursday 10/6

Carrboro Planning Board

7:30 PM

Agenda and instructions for attending virtually

*To view the advisory board meeting, please email Tina Moon at [email protected] to receive an invitation to view the meeting. If you wish to make public comment, at the time of the public comment, the staff person will be able to allow speakers to remotely enter the meeting one-by-one to comment. Please send any written statement or materials to the same email provided above. Requests to remotely attend the meeting shall be made within 24 hours of the meeting start time. The requester should also specify if they wish to make any comments in the email. All written statements and materials will be forwarded to the advisory board members.

Friday 10/7

Chapel Hill Council Committee on Economic Sustainability (CCES)

8-10 AM, Virtual (no agenda available and no instructions provided on the Town website for attending)

No agenda is available publicly for this meeting but an email in the Council Email Archive from Mayor Hemminger to Council members notes, “A main topic will be a continued discussion of the Complete Community Capacity Analysis.” If you caught last Wednesday’s discussion, you’ll know this one is sure to be lively. We recommend emailing Council and the Economic Development staff to request that the agenda and meeting link be made public.

Looking Ahead…

Tuesday 10/11

Shaping Our Future Transportation and Land Use Initiative Webinar

7 PM, Virtual


Participate by phone: 855-925-2801 Meeting code: 7812
Text SC4063 to 855-925-2801

The Town of Chapel Hill is conducting a webinar for the Shaping Our Future Transportation and Land Use Initiative to discuss future development concepts at locations that will change with new development in the next 10-20 years. NSBRT station area and FLUM focus area development concepts show how community values around equity, inclusion, resilience, sustainability, and environmental stewardship can be implemented in practical ways.

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