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Fayette Place Development Sparks Criticism from Hayti Community

In January, the Durham Housing Authority (DHA) released its proposal to build 774 affordable housing units on the property. But residents of the local Hayti district—encircling Fayette Place—say that the authority has not considered their feedback.  (Chloe Hubbe / Indyweek)

The Future of 828 Boulevard

Chapel Hill Council Member Karen Stegman writes a lengthy blog post detailing the history of the 828 MLK Boulevard site, outlines how Chapel Hill is approaching decisions related to the project, and corrects some of the misconceptions currently circulating about the project. (Karen Stegman’s Substack)

Bike racks installed at Carrboro Town Hall voting site

John Rees mentioned on Twitter that he biked to Carrboro Town Hall to early vote, and would have liked to see bike racks. Council Member Susan Romaine and Carrboro’s Town Manager made it happen: the bike racks were installed five days later.

‘Missing middle’ draft calls for legalizing multifamily housing countywide

Arlington, VA may legalize some “missing middle” housing types in residential zones. The zoning rules are similar to recent ones that have passed in Minneapolis and Portland. (ARLnow.com)

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