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Speed round: Factchecking Town Council candidates in Carrboro and Chapel Hill

Sometimes a fact-check requires a deep dive into source material to disentangle the intricacies of a situation and explain why a claim is false. Other times, though, it’s simple. This is one of those times. Welcome to Fact Check, Lightning Round Edition! With the election campaign heating up, we’ve encountered some false statements of fact, […]

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Council Candidate Interview and Questionnaire Compendium

Updated October 22, 2023 with additional questionnaires and interviews. Just about every civic organization in Chapel Hill and Carrboro sends out questionnaires to candidates asking about their key issues. The responses to these questionnaires are often used to help decide endorsements and are often reprinted in full. Here is a link to all of the […]

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Emails reveal how CHALT works closely with candidates

A month ago, we broke the news about a PAC planning to inject $120,000 into the election cycle. We then continued to follow the story as members of the planned PAC decided to, instead, give their donations to the CHALT PAC. CHALT is an “anti-development community group” that has “opposed nearly every major development proposal” […]

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The fascism NextDoor

If you weren’t on NextDoor over the past week, you likely have a peaceful inner life and the mental fortitude necessary to handle anything life throws your way. And then there’s us. We waded into the armpit of Chapel Hill’s political milieu, hoping to find a few curious neighbors keen on discussing the history and […]