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What I’ve learned in 5 years of bike commuting from Carrboro to UNC

Bike commuting is not always easy. Rain, bike malfunctions, or less-than-considerate drivers can turn an otherwise straightforward ride into a source of frustration. But in the countless times I’ve biked from Carrboro to UNC’s campus and back in the past five years, my bike ride has been a source of joy more often than not. […]

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Greenway: ‘Much of the existing sewage corridor is unstable and/or impervious’

Earlier this month, I attended an environmental activity with my family at MLK Park in Carrboro. The event was put on by Lands and Water South, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to education and watershed protection. We participated in a (very wet) activity that helped us understand the importance of wetlands, trees, and other […]

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Support Chapel Hill’s extension of the Bolin Creek Greenway in the Transportation Prioritization Survey

It’s that time again — NCDOT SPOT Prioritization time! Yes, unless you are thoroughly engrossed in transportation planning that sentence makes no sense, but it actually is an important opportunity to show your support for local bicycle and pedestrian projects, and especially for extending the Bolin Creek Greeenway in both Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Read […]

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Vernal pools can be moved (and other things we learned when walking along the OWASA sewer easement with Johnny Randall)

One of our community’s most treasured places are the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, which have expanded over time to include 1,100 acres of gardens and wildlife conservation areas. Areas like the Coker Arboretum, Battle Park, Forest Theater, the Mason Farm Biological Reserve, and others are proof that we can balance conservation with access, making spaces […]

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Progress Requires Planning: What’s At Stake in Chapel Hill and Carrboro Municipal Elections This Year

Election seasons in Chapel Hill and Carrboro are short, if not always sweet. In a span of just four months, candidates file for office, assemble a campaign team, answer questionnaires, meet voters, put up yard signs, talk to voters at polling sites, and await election results.  If you’re new here, or just haven’t paid attention […]