We love our community. We think with your help we can totally come up with 64 cool people, places, or things in Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

We are also ruthless competitors and believe if you want to be the coolest, you need to destroy your less cool competition in a humiliating fashion, then rub it in every day over the entire next year. This is America, after all.

So yeah, we’re going to run a tournament over the next few weeks.

And we need your submissions

Go here and give us 1-3 entries.

It can be a restaurant, park, local celebrity, event, coffeeshop, favorite bartender, bus route, store, etc.

We’ll set up a bracket and let people vote.

There will be upsets. There will be tears. There will be a live blog. Get those submissions in and stay tuned! We’ll start later this week.



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