Using data from the North Carolina State Board of Elections, we took a quick look at who has voted so far, in Orange County, in the March 5, 2024 election. The voting data is from February 23, 2024 and the voter registration data is from February 24, 2024.

First, there are 109,026 people registered to vote in Orange County, NC.

How many have voted so far?

4490 people have voted so far during early voting in Orange County, NC. That’s 4.1 percent of all voters in the country.

Across the state, over 270K ballots have been accepted.

What ballots are they requesting?

Unaffiliated voters can choose which ballot they want to use. We’re seeing more unaffiliated voters in Orange County select the Democrat ballot.

This is different than the state trend, where more unaffiliated voters are selecting the Republican ballot. (This graphic is from Gerry Cohen.)

primary voted in



So far, younger people are not turning out in the same way that older people are.  There are six early voting sites. The only site with an average age less than 60 is the Chapel of the Cross, but that site has the fewest voters so far. When you vote early, the Board of Elections also notes the precinct that you live in. Only 109 people in the UNC precinct have voted so far.



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