Early voting starts tomorrow for the March 5, 2024 elections. In Orange County, we’ll be voting in the primary for federal, state, and county offices.

Voters in Orange County outside of Chapel Hill and Carrboro will also vote for School Board candidates for Orange County Schools and for County Commissioner.

Only contested races appear on the primary ballot; other candidates will appear on the November ballot.

Show me the sample ballot if I’m voting in the Democratic Primary

This is your sample ballot if you live in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. This is your sample ballot if you live in Orange County District 2.

You can find your sample ballot by going to the Voter Search and searching for your name.


We have rounded up all endorsements received by all candidates that you can expect to see on the Democratic ballot in Orange County. All Democrats will receive this ballot, as well as unaffiliated voters who select the Democratic ballot in the primary.

endorsements-2024We hope this helps you when you go to the polls. As usual, if there’s an endorsement we’ve missed, email [email protected] with a source and we’ll add it to the spreadsheet.

early voting 1344x950 2024

A printable PDF of Early Voting Schedule is here

In the last municipal election cycle, we helped increase turnout by over 20 percent. We're all volunteers who care deeply about Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and we're working to make Chapel Hill and Carrboro more vibrant, accessible, fun, and sustainable.  Please consider a small donation to help us keep our digital lights on, host events, and hire students to do data deep-dives.