The air oscillates between nippy and sweltering, there are pumpkin patches being arranged, and the North Carolina State Fair started this week!

As the Fall season begins (is this Third Summer or First Fall??), a longstanding North Carolinian tradition starts this week. Continue reading to learn how you can focus more on your deep fried Oreos and less on making it to the fair in one piece!

The North Carolina State Fair, which started in 1853, serves as a cultural and agricultural touchpoint for those across the state. This year, it will be running from October 12th until October 22nd. From prized produce, to masterful music, to rambunctious rides, the Fair has many things to offer families and thrill seekers.

NC By Train and Amtrak are making it easier than ever for families to get to the N.C. State Fair​ through a special stop right at the fairgrounds in Raleigh from Friday, Oct. 13 through Sunday, Oct. 22.
Passengers can board at any of these stations: Charlotte, Kannapolis, Salisbury, High Point, Greensboro, Burlington, Durham and Cary.

Avoid traffic and parking! You can take the train to the fair!

Riding the train there can help you avoid navigating hectic traffic and a lack of suitable pedestrian infrastructure surrounding the fairgrounds area.

In addition to fair tickets, train tickets can be purchased for those who would like to hop onto the Carolinian route and disembark at the fairgrounds. The route, which usually travels from Charlotte to New York, will include a temporary stop (called North Carolina State Fair – NSF) for Fair attendees, starting on October 13th. This wheelchair accessible stop places you at Gate 2 of the Fair. Tickets likely won’t break the bank, prevent you from having to navigate the parking frenzy, offer you the chance to build excitement riding to the fair and cool down with free wifi on your way home. So go forth and…enjoy your obscenely large turkey leg.

Check out the NC by Train and Amtrak website for more information on rates, schedules, and details. Passengers can board at: Charlotte, Kannapolis, Salisbury, High Point, Greensboro, Burlington, Durham and Cary.

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