We love Open Streets Day in Carrboro. From 12-4, East and West Weaver Street are closed to cars — and we can see what’s possible when there’s a pedestrian-only area in our downtown.

Today, you’re invited to dance, do yoga, learn to ride a bike, climb a bike wall, or make a smoothie on a bike blender.

Having recreational spaces like these shouldn’t be limited to one day — we’d love to see Weaver Street closed off to car traffic, and an open-air plaza set up with food trucks, seating, and pop-up shops.

But it’s a start — and we’re happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Open Streets with the Town of Carrboro.

Melody Kramer is a Peabody-award winning journalist whose work has appeared on NPR and member stations around the country, as well as in publications ranging from National Geographic to Esquire Magazine....