This Wednesday, the Chapel Hill Town Council could take the first step in making it easier to build affordable housing in our community. There are two proposals, which, together, are a BFD (as we’ve already said).

To get community feedback, the town has put together some short surveys. They’re not getting a lot of response, and the people that are responding are offering really gross feedback like this:

But you can help turn the tide. The first proposal is called “Community Priority Process for Affordable Housing Development.” It will make it faster and easier to build affordable housing. Respond to the survey here:

The second proposal is called “Housing Choices for Complete Community.” It will make it possible to build more housing in already developed neighborhoods. Think duplexes, triplexes, even quadplexes. Tell the town what you want to see:

At this moment, fewer than 50 people have responded. If you support affordable housing and abundant housing in Chapel Hill, let the town know!