Yo Chapel Hill and Carrboro: there’s a LOT going on this week, civics-wise. Let’s take a look at what’s on the docket.


Parks, Greenways and Recreation Commissions special meeting 

Our parks and rec friends are holding a special meeting to discuss the Splash Pad and Inclusive Playground Feasbility Analysis and Report Project. We’re major fans of both projects and are thrilled to see so many of the possibilities from our Chapel Hill Splash Pad Location Activation Tracker (SPLAT) on the shortlist for the possible splash pad.


Carrboro Town Council 

Taking a bye week – they’ll be back on October 11th. In advance of their next meeting, we recommend reading this excellent article on why Carrboro should eliminate parking requirements. (Related: Will Carrboro solve its parking problem?)

Chapel Hill’s Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board

7:00 PM

Agenda and meeting materials

Chapel Hill’s Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board meets. They’ll be receiving and discussing the petition from TBB author Martin Johnson on an extension of the Libba Cotten Bikeway. They’ll also be discussing recent bike and pedestrian crashes.

Community Design Commission 

6:30 PM

Agenda and meeting materials

The CDC will be looking to elect new officers, check out the lighting plan at the Union Chapel, the Carraway Village Refuel Center – yes, it is 2022 and we are apparently still building new gas stations ? – and, finally, a concept plan for 157 East Rosemary Street.

This would be an 11-story residential condominium with ground floor retail.  This project is at the other end of the E. Rosemary , near Henderson Street. (This is a concept plan, so it is really a high-level design that is getting it’s first real exposure to the towns advisory boards.)

One comment on the CDC meeting, which is not an issue this week. However, there have been times when the CDC and the Transportation board are reviewing the same projects on the same night. This has caused almost comical maneuvering by the applicants when the meetings were in person — they have to shuffle back and forth between simultaneous meetings.

It’s only slightly better these days when the meetings are virtual.  We think either the meeting should avoid reviewing the same projects on the same night, or one of them should move to a different night. Both are once-a-month advisory boards.


Chapel Hill Town Council Meeting

7 p.m., Chapel Hill Town Hall

Agenda and meeting materials

This is going to be a helluva meeting – and likely a long one. What’s on the docket?


Orange County Board of Commissioners/Boards of Education Joint Meeting

7 p.m.

Richard Whitted Meeting Facility

More info and agenda highlights: https://bit.ly/3BMXzc7

  1. Update on School Budgets
  2. School Safety
  3. School Capital Needs Work Group Report


Carrboro Musical Festival, one of our favorite days of the year


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