Today we’re rounding up what you may have missed on social media and in the council inbox over the past week. Enjoy!

  • Speaking of which, the subject of last week’s article on not comparing Dobbs to housing decisions in Chapel Hill wrote to Rep. Graig Meyer about the 828 project. Meyer cc’ed the Town Council in his two responses, and it’s worth reading the full chain. (Search Town Council email for Graig Meyer and it will come up.)
  • The News and Observer incorrectly printed a photo caption stating that Chapel Hill comes in last in park space. As we pointed out, it’s actually first in park space — the data the Trust for Public Land website used was not comprehensive. We have asked for a correction.
  • Mayor John Bauters of Emeryville, CA is our fantasy mayor.
  • A great letter to Town Council from Kyaw Aye triggers our continued watch on a long suffering NC 54 crossing at the Kingswood development. Once made famous by the Streetsblog “America’s Sorriest Bus Stop” contest, this crossing has also been the subject of a strongly worded letter written by the police chiefs of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, who both declared how dangerous the stop is (and don’t have any power to improve it!) The project has been approved as of this March and is in the FY 23 transit work plan and we will track it.


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