Happy Monday, readers! We hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here are your media items du jour. Bon appetit!

A comedian wandered into the housing debate and broke Twitter.

Some TBB contributors think that car infrastructure should be paid by users and tolling is a good way to pay for future needs – what do you think?

THE POST’S VIEW Opinion By opposing highway expansions, Maryland politicians risk more than gridlock

Elsewhere, many homebuyers have to look to family for help purchasing a home, feeding the feedback cycle between real estate equity and intergenerational poverty.

Parents Are Buying Homes for Kids Priced Out of the Housing Market

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In Durham, the “Beltline Trail” needs a new name. We like Traily McTrail face. What’s your suggestion? Suggest a name and maybe you will win a prize!

Why Durham says it must abandon a century-old name for its rails-to-trails project

And…if we can’t get cars off the road in Berkeley, is there any hope for the rest of us?

Why It’s So Hard to Get Cars Of the Road

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