Unbelievably, it’s the last day of May! Here’s a selection of media morsels from the weekend and (the first half of) today).

Triangle Blog Blog contributor Geoff Green took his e-bike to the farmer’s market and grabbed some locally grown spring flowers! Keep an eye out for upcoming e-bike content on the Blog Blog!



If you missed it this morning, we posted the first installment of Kirk Ross’ cheat sheet for the upcoming legislative short session. Keep it nearby and hold on to your hats! 

A brief guide to our state legislature Part 1

If you’re like some of us, you spent a hefty portion of your weekend watching Stranger Things Season 4 (NO SPOILERS). Not only is this one of the best shows to come out in the last ten years but the creators are from Durham! Did you catch any of the Durham Easter eggs? One standout (in this author’s opinion) is the name of a Hawkins mobile home community – Forest Hills. If you know Durham (or if you’ve watched The Staircase (documentary or HBO)) you’ll know that Forest Hills is home to some of the city’s largest dwellings and wealthiest residents. A little tongue-in-cheek humor from the Duffer Bros.

More local references in Stranger Things (from 2019 – no S4 spoilers!) 

Opportunities to Participate in the Public Process

Here are a few ways to influence important decisions in your community: 

  • Would you like to be more involved decision making in Chapel Hill? Join an advisory board or commission!
  • Watch, attend, or offer comment at an upcoming local government meeting. Check out our summary of what’s on the agendas this week:

A look at the week ahead: May 31, 2022

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