We’ve made it to Thursday – well done, y’all! Here’s what’s on the media lunch menu at TBB headquarters. I’m kidding, we don’t have headquarters. Or do we….

It may be hard to believe, but modern zoning evolved as a practice of exclusion. Read more about the origins and impacts in this piece from KQED.
The Saporta Report published an interesting perspective on what ISN’T discussed at candidate forums or debates. In this case, it’s affordable housing. The author also points out that “86% of Georgia legislators own real estate, with 47 % owning two or more properties.” We wonder what these statistics are in North Carolina’s state legislature. If you know, drop it in the comments!
From NPR affiliate KCUR, we find out that the high price of free parking was too high for Kansas City.
Bloomberg discusses the growing epidemic of “worker poaching” as smaller cities lure workers away from big metros.
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