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Liveblogging the Carrboro Town Council’s discussion of the Carrboro Comprehensive Plan (2022-2042)

On Monday Patrick McDonough, published a thorough review of the draft. Last night, the Council has the opportunity to approve the draft, or send it back for further revisions. Here are the highlights.

Asheville is in crisis.

The city faces a severe problem of unaffordality and scarcity of housing. Our service workers, gig workers, educators, artists, and musicians can’t live near where they serve the needs of Asheville’s residents. Young people that have grown up in Asheville are now finding that they are shut out of their own neighborhoods. And as only the well-heeled can afford to rent or own in the city, those demographics that lack generational wealth, including Asheville’s Black population, are seeing their population numbers decline. (Asheville for All)

How Miami Decided that Parking is More Important than Housing

The decision will likely mark the end of Miami’s boomlet of “missing middle” housing—the small buildings on small lots by small developers that have begun to densify and enliven the city’s core neighborhoods—and provide a cheaper alternative to most new construction. (Henry Graber / Slate.com)

What does affordable housing do to nearby property values?

What she found, after an analysis using Zillow data between 2000 and 2020, and controlling for overall market trends, was that the only significant change was in the positive direction. Homes located within a typical block of the affordable housing developments saw property values increase, on average, by a small but still significant 0.9%. (Sarah Holder / Bloomberg.com)

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