Today we want to give a shout out (and some wine and some time off) to all of the Town of Chapel Hill employees who are doing a really kickass job staffing all of the community engagement meetings the town has been holding.

These meetings are held at different times of day, often going late into the night — and are often contentious. Moderating them is hard and takes a lot of emotional labor. The meetings we’ve attended have featured staffers remaining calm, cool, and helpful. We aren’t sure how you do it – we often find ourselves internally screaming – but it’s really commendable.

We know some staffers work a full work day and then attend meetings that can go late into the evening. We know you have families and long commutes and lives outside of the weird machinations of our town.

We know (from public records requests) that you receive dozens of emails from the same half a dozen people, week after week. That’s seriously nuts!

We hope you’re getting comp time, time away from Chapel Hill, and hours away from anything that involves Zoom, email, powerpoint presentations, and stormwater drains.

To the weekend!

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